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Surrey Transit Centre

Surrey Transit Centre, also known as STC, is located at 7740 132nd Street and was opened in May 1975.

STC provides services for the surrounding areas of Surrey, Langley, Delta and Maple Ridge with capacity for 250 Conventional and Community Shuttle Busses.

An adjacent facility is home to the Transit Communications Centre (T-Comm) with its Transit Management and Communications System (TMAC) that was completely rolled out in 2008.


Property Rep:

Sat Athwal

Chief Job Steward:

Robi Clesson

Safety Reps (Conventional):

  1. Nibby Rai
  2. Lise Mohr
  3. Robi Clesson
  4. Paul Sandhu
  5. Dil Aulakh
  6. Misa Trueman
  7. Mekonnen Asrate

Safety Reps (CTS):

  1. Tricia Singh
  2. Linda Hudson

Sheet and Service Review Rep (Conventional):

  1. Hardeep Veark
  2. Sarb Bains
  3. Steven Mohr
  4. Boota Sandhu
  5. Tony Mann
  6. Robert Lobelsohn

Sheet and Service Review Rep (CTS):

  1. Sophia Khan
  2. Linda Hudson

Sign-Up Reps (Conventional):

  1. Sarb Bains
  2. Boota Sandhu
  3. Hardeep Veark
  4. Steven Mohr
  5. Tony Mann
  6. Robert Lobelsohn

Sign-Up Reps (CTS):

  1. Bonnie Ayotte
  2. Linda Hudson

Spare Board Reps:

  1. Munish Bhardwaj
  2. Harjit Buttar

Accident Adjudicators:

  1. Robbie Clesson
  2. Alvin Acob
  3. Misha Trueman
  4. Derek Mori

AMP Reps:

  1. Amar Singh
  2. Nibby Rai

Care Committee:

  1. Janet Bornhauser
  2. Jas Mehat
  3. Linda Hudson

Envoirnment Committee:

  1. Linda Hudson
  2. Harjit Buttar

Human Rights:

  1. Amar Singh

Mental Health Rep:

  1. Cathy Tingskov

VIW Rep:

  1. Amar Singh

Womens Advocate:

  1. TBA

Womens Committee:

  1. Cathy Tingskov
  2. Christine Morison
  3. Linda Hudson

Young Workers Committee:

  1. Baljinder Varaich
  2. Jeevanjot Virk

Unifor Canada Council Delegate:

  1. Dil Aulakh
  2. Misha Trueman

Unifor BC Regional Council Delegate:

  1. Dil Aulakh
  2. Misha Trueman

BC Fed Labour Delegate:

  1. Robi Clesson
  2. Misha Trueman